KoL Old School!

Players Roster

Accordian AmyOS Accordion Thief
apathetic lizardgirlOS Sauceror
Attila the PunOS Accordion Thief
Baron Von ZitiOS Pastamancer
BileStyleDeluxeOS Disco Bandit
CapnCnetOS Disco Bandit
CharredOS Seal Clubber
CrayonRedOS Disco Bandit
cwebOS Pastamancer
DeathSquirrelOS Disco Bandit
DiscoveryOS Disco Bandit
DMag_oshcOS Disco Bandit
Earnest HemmingwayOS Disco Bandit
Elvis ParsleyOS Disco Bandit
El_KabongOS Seal Clubber
FraggleRockerOS Pastamancer
GaeaOS Disco Bandit
GrufflesOS Accordion Thief
hardcoredeathpuppyOS Turtle Tamer
HardcoreMonkishRootsOS Turtle Tamer
HarDXCoreOS Disco Bandit
HaschelOldSchoolOS Accordion Thief
HC LemmingOS Disco Bandit
HCPVPOS Turtle Tamer
HCZairOS Disco Bandit
HCZair2OS Pastamancer
HudsonHawkFirst Founder
IneffableOS Turtle Tamer
Jesus McTurtleOS Turtle Tamer
Locky McKenzieOS Disco Bandit
Loo_neOS Disco Bandit
MerrillOS Disco Bandit
mesotericaOS Pastamancer
Mr ExploderOS Turtle Tamer
Mr HugeOS Seal Clubber
muddovermatterOS Sauceror
Old School DeedleeOS Accordion Thief
oldschoolcharmOS Seal Clubber
OldSchoolErozOS Turtle Tamer
OSpluscwcOS Pastamancer
pluscwcOS Accordion Thief
PumpkinEveOSOS Turtle Tamer
purplehatluck2OS Pastamancer
PyroDoveOS Sauceror
RachelkachelOS Disco Bandit
Romys TreeOS Accordion Thief
SowBugOS Accordion Thief
Terrapin OSOS Turtle Tamer
TimScheffOSOS Accordion Thief
yourselfOS Turtle Tamer

Order of Old School KoL Players

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The Spirit of the Order

(Your rules may vary)

1. No mall.
2. No flea market.
3. No items-for-meat or meat-for-items trades with new schoolers. Barter only, and only barter items for those of similar autosell value.
4. No recieving of gifts or prizes from non-old school players (this includes items, meat and buffs). Get a gift? Get rid of it, ASAP.
5. No games/contests with non-OS'ers.
6. There is no rule 6.
7. NO buying, selling, or trading quest items. Ever.
8. Old School forgets what 8 is for, so does nothing.
9. Can only join clans consisting solely of other old school characters. Can create your own clan, but cannot accept new school members.
10. PvP is allowable, if you want a REAL challenge.

Due to the nature of this clan, most members are multies. You cannot turn an old, existing character into an OS character, so go ahead and start a new one! We despise multi abuse, and the Spirit of the Old School will smite you if you cheat. Play this way because you love it.

Questions? Want to be admitted to the OS Clan? Kmail HudsonHawk or HardcoreDiscoBabe or email michele(at)nomovingparts(dot)com! (Michele also has Gmail invites if you need one).

For your sig:
KoL Old School!
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Order of Old School Players